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The Art of Style

7 Nov

Happy Friday!  Here are some fun style ideas I grabbed from Pinterest .  Art translates itself in so many different ways, one being fashion.  Style carries with it self-expression, culture, and a personal story.  I’m a true believer of self expression, and not following any trends but your own.  Style transcends beyond what we wear and how we wear it. Leading me to say, true style goes well beyond labels and trends. Here are some examples of traditional Eastern wear mixed with a unique dose of self expression.


On a Budget… But I Don’t Want It To Look Like I Am.

21 Nov

So as superficial as it sounds, I don’t want to look like I’m on a budget… But I am!

This Fall/Winter, I need to buy new clothes that fit (Yes, I’ve gained a few “jolly” pounds)… So while buying clothes, I want to make sure that I follow my tight budget….  Luckily, Forever 21 has some great stuff online… A lot of their stuff is great for casual wear, and if your lucky, semi-formal.

The other day, I was inspired by a friends daring style in biker pants.. Yet,she wore it in such a sleek way.  A long shirt with these pants can do the job…

For more ideas, check out Great deals.. Mix and match these deals- to suit your style.