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Typography, Art & Decor

18 Oct

Typography and calligraphy are a source of self expression.  Not only is it a form of art, but typography gives new meaning to self expression in decor.


Passion in Works

13 May

Past few months I’ve been busy brainstorming and creating new art/design pieces.  Juggling a full-time job while working on art is ultra exhausting, but nonetheless enjoyable. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life,  no one should ever give up on their own talent…It’s through discovering and sharing your talent that one can find a lot of happiness.  And learning to master your own passion can be rewarding in more then one way!

Check out some more designs on my Instagram and website.

Lines of the Lion

Lines of the Lion

Inside the Mind

Inside the Mind

Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Ray

The Universe From Within

The Universe From Within

Paint Bathing

Paint Bathing

The Search for Authenticity

13 May

I spend a good portion of my internet time browsing news, fashion & interior design blogs.  Art, fashion, design, are elements of expression. And it’s through expression that I find truth.  On that note, although I’ve been thoroughly entertained by the overload of style, art, and design, I can’t help but also be concerned by another truth: the rise of extreme narcism, isolation, and imitation.  I have  been guilty of it, but try to understand and catch it before I’m  in too deep.

The screen in itself cradles a projection; and many use that projection to create a new self, a self that they wish they were. The projection itself holds empty value.  That image soon gets lost amidst a clutter of viral images.  When used in moderation, what we “project” can help connect, inspire, and challenge people intuitively and practically.  On the flip side, we all  hold equal potential to create an authentic  and spiritual connection outside our cell phones, laptops, and computers.  When we  look, feel, and engage with one another in the real, it is then that we experience a more authentic, everlasting and spiritual connection.

When we become vulnerable to our own reality, our true emotions can encourage stronger connections and engagement.  Each one of us are defined with a unique purpose, strength, and beauty. And It’s a shame when people reject their true selves, just to fit the shoes of an imaginary self, confined by insecurity. Our willingness to be vulnerable to our individuality  will allow us to unshackle our insecurities and inspire the human potential.   We aren’t defined by what others see, but by the unspoken impact that we create.  Our ability to change the World and ourselves does not revolve around imitating the latest trend, but by creating a new one from “deep within”. With that said, by respecting our own authenticity we can embrace the unique life which surrounds us.

Have you found your authentic self?


Lost in translation

Lost in translation



Global Decor

11 Dec
The journey outside has a way of inspiring our home decor. Add a touch of Morocco’s Blue City with these simple little decor ideas.
***Please note, the art piece is no longer available.  To view similar pieces, please visit


The Story Behind This Painting

3 Dec

One of my latest art pieces was inspired by the mysterious disjoined letters of the ancient Quran scripture, Alif Laam Meem.

If anyone has read the  Quran’s 1400 yr old scripture, which has stayed consistent in it’s classical Arabic,  they will know that the Quran carries timeless wisdom along with mystery.  The disjointed Arabic characters, Alif Laam Meem, are one of the many mysteries.

There are a few philosophies about what these characters mean.  Yet,  scholars still manage to illustrate new philosophies based on  new discoveries.  It’s as if these characters are trying to tell us something. Perhaps it’s signifying how we should handle our interpretation of the “truth”?  When we are unable to realize the exact meaning of something, this should not lead us to automatically reject it,  make any strong assumptions, or adopt a strict stance based on our interpretation.  These disjointed characters should  not only humble our minds,  but inspire us to seek greater meanings and fresh interpretations of all that remains a mystery.

I see Alif Laam Meem as characters that represent true art, a challenge that inspires us to be in awe and  continuously explore the divinity of life. 

Alif Laam Meem

The Mystery of Alif Laam Meem. See more art at

21 Nov

To find the right piece of art to suit your decor, check out dab-art.comblackandgoldcanvas

The Secret Garden

28 Oct

Style is an art which is ensembled by its beholder.   It doesn’t have to cost a fortune nor be associated with a designer  to be considered stylish.

That being said, I’m going to try to include a segment of my blog to creative, independent, cost-saving style- inspired by places, culture, and passion.

Last weekend we visited the Boston Public Library’s open yet somewhat secretive garden. Year long, be it Summer, Spring, or Winter, the BPL is  a nice place to lounge and appreciate literature & art. My ensemble is inspired by BPL’s floral garden met with the dark contrast of statues and gates.

under100Boston Public Style

BPL StatueDome BPL
BPL GateBPL Domes BPL Frame bplgarden bplinside

BPL Garden BPL Architecture