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The Art of Style

7 Nov

Happy Friday!  Here are some fun style ideas I grabbed from Pinterest .  Art translates itself in so many different ways, one being fashion.  Style carries with it self-expression, culture, and a personal story.  I’m a true believer of self expression, and not following any trends but your own.  Style transcends beyond what we wear and how we wear it. Leading me to say, true style goes well beyond labels and trends. Here are some examples of traditional Eastern wear mixed with a unique dose of self expression.


The Secret Garden

28 Oct

Style is an art which is ensembled by its beholder.   It doesn’t have to cost a fortune nor be associated with a designer  to be considered stylish.

That being said, I’m going to try to include a segment of my blog to creative, independent, cost-saving style- inspired by places, culture, and passion.

Last weekend we visited the Boston Public Library’s open yet somewhat secretive garden. Year long, be it Summer, Spring, or Winter, the BPL is  a nice place to lounge and appreciate literature & art. My ensemble is inspired by BPL’s floral garden met with the dark contrast of statues and gates.

under100Boston Public Style

BPL StatueDome BPL
BPL GateBPL Domes BPL Frame bplgarden bplinside

BPL Garden BPL Architecture

Fall Inspiration-2013

23 Sep

True style is unique and simple.  It doesn’t require a big budget nor does it require many rules.  On that note, a fashion icon I can relate to would have to be Angelina Jolie’s effortless grace.  I like how she keeps it modest, simple, yet edgy and glamorous.

With Autumn approaching, one of my recent clothing fav’s would have to be skirts. However, I’ve always been a bit reluctant because most skirts tend to ride-up and not leave much to the imagination.  Luckily, I found a solution with pencil skirts.  So far, I have a few reliable pencil skirts that are great at keeping that area covered,  not constraining yet put-together.

Here are some basics that I’m keeping in my closet … As a side note, a great way to play with basics would be a to add a splash of colour via a scarf, bangle, or even lip colour:


Art Inspired Fashion- Part Deux

8 Jul

Although I’m all for decency and professionalism, I’ve never been one to conform to corporate fashion.  While maintaing  professionalism and decency, I like to stay true to my personality and add a dash of art & creativity  to what I wear.

Here are a few ways to mix a design print-tee, from business casual to pure casual.

Look for these tees to go on sale along with my art work by Fall 2013.


one shirt, two ways

Art Inspired Fashion

5 Jul

Recently, my sister’s husband inspired me to transfer my design towards clothes.  I was a bit hesitant, because  I use to think (with a few exceptions) graphic-tees were boarder-line tacky. What I discovered, graphic-tees can be fun and go great with layers.  Whether it’s Fall or Summer, graphic-tees are wearable.  Plus, a graphic-tote is a  handy and fashionable way to carry magazines, books, and creative supplies.  Here are some examples.

“Fall” into Design

6 Nov

Fall brings the cold, the bitter, the sniffles… But Fall also brings- romance in the air, coziness, and foliage…. Inspired by the season, here are some design and decorative ideas.

Emporium~ Guilt-Free Style, While Spending Smart

25 Sep

With Autumn and Winter approaching, it’s time for us to switch wardrobes.  That being said, if your on a budget, yet looking to add style and zest to your closet, I suggest the following.

  • Carry basic colored plain shirts (white, black, gray, and a couple of bold colors).  Shop at Target or any other department stores for cost saving plain tees.
  • Scarves…  Instead of spending much money on design tees, scarves and accessories are great design pieces that can be used over and over on top of  your basic colored shirts.
  • A  coat, sweater and pair of boots make for a great investment.