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The Art of Being- A Balancing Act Amidst Chaos

21 Aug


Hi readers!  Long time no talk.. Seriously, it’s been like a million years since I’ve touched my blog… Do people even read blogs anymore?  It doesn’t matter, because if you’re reading this, it means they do…

So here’s a topic I’ve  been constantly scratching my head on.. “The Art of Being.” What does that mean? In my opinion, it means understanding the chaos of existence, embracing the beauty of it’s untamed demeanor, and  knowing how to make peace with it- a balancing act.

Myself, along with many friends are constantly trying to find ways to handle life’s craziness. Let’s admit it, we all struggle with insecurities, fear, anxiety, and depression… And like a creepy little gremlin, those feelings have way of randomly stalking and haunting.

We’ve all struggled (I know I have) with  personal drama, death,  inadequacy, relationship problems, breakups, family tragedies, financial challenges & social pressure- and amidst all that pain, the mind and heart goes through a real beating. Some of us respond by simply saying, stay strong and be grateful. Really though, beyond just saying that, amidst all of our challenges, how do we keep our head & heart healthy (void of resentment, insecurities, extreme anxiety, depression, and fear)?

Here’s a personal list that I have been trying to practice… It continues to help me when times get rough, so I hope it helps others!

  1. Find a network of people that really see the beauty in you; and express (y)ourself to that network. God made each one of us beautiful and unique; and our purpose differs from one another. Find people who recognize your purpose. Warning though, keep a distance from people who take pleasure in objectifying others.If you can find a healthy network of people, share yourself.  Our emotions are what connects us to one another. We are all experiencing challenges, so don’t be shy to express yourself- it not only makes us more relate-able, but by internalizing your emotions you’re like an isolated time-bomb, waiting to implode.  Get rid of all your toxins by literally letting them out of your system- talk it out! Your friends will also appreciate the fact that you trust them with your vulnerability.
  2. Learn to let go.  Going along with #1, it’s one thing to spew your toxins out, but it’s another to truly let go of it.  Learn to understand that life is all about the art of letting go, loving, and evolving.  We are all connected, but in order to be free, we must learn to let go of the past and move forward.
  3. Trust the system– have faith.  Whether you believe in G-d or a greater Entity, know that you are part of a greater plan. Have faith, and the results of (y)our existence will reap beauty.
  4.  Seek happiness in the subtle things in life.  I literally keep a daily journal and write out all the things that make me feel good, as subtle as it might be, writing it out helps me absorb the information on a daily basis- to the point where it’s etched in my mind all day.
  5. gratitudeRecognize humanity and share yourself with others. It feels good to be needed and appreciated, and to help be part of someone’s else’s well being. It makes (y)our existence more productive.
  6. Physically, mentally, and spiritually challenge yourself- seriously, create a bucket list of goals that will help you open your heart and mind.  For example, conquer your fear of heights, learn a new language, dance to loud  music, explore the World and it’s people.
  7. Create a daily routine that ignites your body & mind to feel and heal- pray, meditate, exercise.
  8. Put yourself first.  It’s not selfish. How else can you nourish your environment if you are not nourished.
  9. Give hugs– just because it feels good :).

By practicing these rituals, I am learning how to keep everything in perspective while jiving with the universe’s natural chaos.

Let me know if you can think of anything else that helps!