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If These Walls Could Talk

23 Dec

As I read about the construction behind the MET’s  Alhambra palace courtyard, I’m fascinated by the precision and creativity behind tile designs of historic Islamic architecture.

Stemming from its birth, Islamic art has revolved around geometric & calligraphy patterns.  Geometric patterns signify a deep and reflective form of art; one that makes us ponder the meaning of our connectivity.  Instead of exploiting the human body, the essence of Islamic art revolves around lines, algorithms, and thought-provoking abstract forms. The same can be said about the use of classical Arabic used in sacred scripture.

I am forever inspired by the skill, patience, and creativity of tile patterns & Islamic/Eastern Art. The walls of these historic sites symbolize the length of our human potential; an endless potential that has always existed since the beginning of time.  Enjoy the following work that can be found in Spain, Uzbekistan, Pakistan & Iran (Photography from: