Defining Good & Bad- It’s Not as Simple as You Think.

18 Oct
Big Bang

Big Bang

A topic that I have always been really fascinated by has been the nature of good and bad… “You can’t taste the sweet without the bitter” “There is no good without evil”, these famous quotes provoke us to question our judgements in a particular situation. At a fundamental level, I personally believe everything is relative. Unless we speak of  God or an infallible saint, there is no pure good or bad in the universe. Everything is simply “just is”. Good or bad is based on the outcome and the one perceiving it. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is good and bad.

Through Good Comes Bad; Through Bad Comes Good:
At times, what we may consider bad, can bring good results. At times, a great good can bring bad results. For example, when a person commits a good deed (charity, selfless deed) but boasts about it, their ego inflates, as a result, a bad outcome has resulted from the good deed. A terrible break in relationship, a tragedy, or a bad choice could lead someone to achieve greater wisdom, enlightenment and strength, thus, through the bad came good.

Good & Evil- It’s All Relative:
Another situation to consider, what can be considered good or evil in the universe is whether it satisfies the needs of all or not. Sometimes one must satisfy the needs of themselves before satisfying the need of others.
Therefore caring for oneself and caring for others is ultimately the same. We are all one being. In essence, we and others are the same. The evil we do to others is the evil we do to ourselves and the good we do to ourselves is the good we do to others. In essence, the good we do to ourselves, will inevitably bring out the best of our environment.

After much thought, I have found peace in the idea of embracing a broader outlook in life. Goodness and evil are measurements that require a broader lens. Happenstance can not be taken for granted. Our choices  require sincere thought, because for every action there is a  greater reaction.

The point and question we should ask ourselves is- has the “good” in you brought out the “best” or “worst” in others?


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