5 Pointers to Awaken Creativity

28 May
The Universe from Within

The Universe from Within- Creativity


noun: the use of the imagination or original ideas.
The word creativity is often misunderstood. I can’t tell you the number of I’ve times I have heard individuals tell me, “I’m not creative”.
Creativity is a notion that isn’t just reserved for artists and designers, but one that each of us bear.  Ideas, imagination, action, are fueled by creativity.   Where would we be without creativity?  Answer: bored, drained, and stuck on stand-still.
In order to live life to our fullest, we must allow ourselves to embrace creativity.  How do we do that?
(My) 5 top practices to awaken creativity: 
1.  Relaxation:  Meditation, good rest, eating well, helps build one’s body & mind capable of producing robust thoughts and ideas (aka creativity).
2. Curiosity:  Education doesn’t begin or end with a diploma.  Every moment is an opportunity to discover something new.  We live in an endless Universe, filled with mystery and awaited discovery.
3. Focus:  The great innovators of mankind lived with immense focus.  Their thoughts were seldom interrupted by meetings, formalities, or advanced technology (phone, TV… Facebook/ Facetime).
4. Passion: Being passionate allows the creative juices to flow freely through the mind. Passion can galvanize by habits that spark creativity and excitement; e.g: learning, dancing, playing a sport, designing, cooking or reading.
5.Practice: Whether it’s a skill or a goal, creative expertise doesn’t just happen.  The greatest sportsman, artists, musicians, researchers, scholars, businessmen, were not born experts, they all had to rigorously practice  before their ideas & practice were able to create a deep impact in society.
Can you think of any other ways to awaken your creativity?

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