The Search for Authenticity

13 May

I spend a good portion of my internet time browsing news, fashion & interior design blogs.  Art, fashion, design, are elements of expression. And it’s through expression that I find truth.  On that note, although I’ve been thoroughly entertained by the overload of style, art, and design, I can’t help but also be concerned by another truth: the rise of extreme narcism, isolation, and imitation.  I have  been guilty of it, but try to understand and catch it before I’m  in too deep.

The screen in itself cradles a projection; and many use that projection to create a new self, a self that they wish they were. The projection itself holds empty value.  That image soon gets lost amidst a clutter of viral images.  When used in moderation, what we “project” can help connect, inspire, and challenge people intuitively and practically.  On the flip side, we all  hold equal potential to create an authentic  and spiritual connection outside our cell phones, laptops, and computers.  When we  look, feel, and engage with one another in the real, it is then that we experience a more authentic, everlasting and spiritual connection.

When we become vulnerable to our own reality, our true emotions can encourage stronger connections and engagement.  Each one of us are defined with a unique purpose, strength, and beauty. And It’s a shame when people reject their true selves, just to fit the shoes of an imaginary self, confined by insecurity. Our willingness to be vulnerable to our individuality  will allow us to unshackle our insecurities and inspire the human potential.   We aren’t defined by what others see, but by the unspoken impact that we create.  Our ability to change the World and ourselves does not revolve around imitating the latest trend, but by creating a new one from “deep within”. With that said, by respecting our own authenticity we can embrace the unique life which surrounds us.

Have you found your authentic self?


Lost in translation

Lost in translation




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