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The Secret Garden

28 Oct

Style is an art which is ensembled by its beholder.   It doesn’t have to cost a fortune nor be associated with a designer  to be considered stylish.

That being said, I’m going to try to include a segment of my blog to creative, independent, cost-saving style- inspired by places, culture, and passion.

Last weekend we visited the Boston Public Library’s open yet somewhat secretive garden. Year long, be it Summer, Spring, or Winter, the BPL is  a nice place to lounge and appreciate literature & art. My ensemble is inspired by BPL’s floral garden met with the dark contrast of statues and gates.

under100Boston Public Style

BPL StatueDome BPL
BPL GateBPL Domes BPL Frame bplgarden bplinside

BPL Garden BPL Architecture


Thai Coconut Shrimp Curry

24 Oct

I love trying  new and different dishes, especially the quick and easy ones.  Whether it’s General Tso’s Chicken or a simple Quesedilla, there’s something so exciting about creating something new, pretty, and edible.

Last night I tried a quick and easy Thai cuisine, Coconut Curry Shrimp.  The recipe is truly simple.  Are you ready for the recipe?  Here it is:  Create a curry base (with a taste of southeast Asian spices), mix some coconut milk, cook your shrimp, then throw in your mixed exotic vegetables and fruit of your choice.  Voila, that’s it!

Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp

“There are hundreds of way to kneel And kiss the Earth.” -Rumi

24 Oct



The Beauty of Language

24 Oct

“Language is a city to the building of which every human being brought a stone.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

For anyone who is searching for a hobby, may I suggest one?  Learn a language.  Although I’m not an expert in any language, my continuous fascination stems from a deep place.  I had recently enrolled in a Farsi class, although I predicted it would be a major challenge, I was pleasantly surprised, it was much easier then expected.  Luckily, my proficiency in Urdu, which is the spoken language in Pakistan, which is also very similar to Hindi, also has a lot of similarities to Farsi.  In addition, 60 percent of words in Farsi are related to Arabic.  Not to mention, there are similar words that are found in the French language.  All of these languages are inter-connected.

The benefit of learning a new language is that it broadens one’s mind and range of communication.  But another under-rated benefit would have to be receiving proof of the Global Culture phenomena.

It’s really amazing.  Take a moment to think about how languages developed.  They all developed through a simultaneous phenomena.   Indisputably, it’s all based on individuals trying to communicate their wants, needs, and thoughts.  These interactions create(d) nations and tribes- honored and passed down from generation to generation.  Till this day, these nations and tribes interact with one another, inspiring one another to advance in  knowledge, language, and way of life.