Ramadan’s Food For Thought

19 Jul



Every year, I put together a post for Ramadan.  I’m going to keep this year’s post as brief as possible.  So here it is!

Every Ramadan, I look forward to the time where I can drain out all excess noise & drama from life.  This month serves as a spiritual and physical detox.

Another thing I enjoy- during the late night, with dim lights, listening to a beautiful recitation of the Quran. Oh, and another thing, congregating with family and friends while enjoying food and each other’s presence.

This year, I’m trying something new.  I’ve asked a dear friend of mine to encourage me to read a surah’s  (chapters of the Quran) translation every night, and draw up a personal interpretation.  So far, so good.  Although, I’m beginning to finally realize how complicated the Quran is.  It’s sort of like putting together a puzzle and analyzing why certain stories and points are placed in the chapters that they are in, or why a number of surahs begin with the Arabic letters “alif, laam, meem”. As a result,  I find myself being spiritually challenged, being charged with curiosity and interest.   Amidst all the questions, I find myself impressed by the amount of wisdom found in just a couple of ayahs (lines). If anything, this has definitely encouraged me to learn more about World Religions… There is endless wisdom and knowledge around us!  That’s another take-away point of Ramadan :D.

On that note, I hope everyone’s enjoying there Ramadan!



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