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Cafe Inspiration

23 Jun

One of the hidden charms about Spring and Summer is cafe-hopping!

Regardless of where I am, whether it’s next door, at the Northend, or off in an exotic island, I love exploring the local cafes.

The cafe is a place where locals come to relax, exchange ideas and thoughts, while sipping espresso and a bite of pastry.  As an artist, the cafe is also a  creativity hub, promoting art, and fabulous decor ideas.

Here are some inspirational images from a local cafe in Italy (taken by Italian Elle Decor):


Mind and Body Excersize

23 Jun

I’ll be the first to admit,  my life has been a spheroid of chaos… I’ll also admit, I love how unpredictable it can be!  On the flip side, at times, the ingredients of life cause the mind and body to be on the defense. Symptoms of the mind and body going on  defense-mode comprise of,  stiffness, muscle tension, moodiness, fast thoughts, and paranoia.

At 31, I have learned that prayer and yoga work side by side as spitual and physical exercise   The body and mind is so beautiful, and if we  learn to breath, reflect, stretch and have fun, our  potential can reach a much higher beautiful state.

By enhancing   flexibility, we  release  stress from the  mind, leaving the body rejuvenated and refreshed. If we  treat and use our body well, it will unveil gifts within ourselves that have remained unopened since the time of childhood joy.

Every morning and night, I make it a point to stretch my legs, and back, while taking deep breaths.. I also have set up a slough of balancing positions.  Not only has this routine brought me to a more peaceful state, but in the past two years, for the first time, my body is able to do a hand stand, and a variation of splits. Even as a teenager, I would have never thought my body was capable of doing those positions!    Also, as a person with an acute case of OCD, this routine has helped me “let go” of things that are beyond my control.   Antithetically,  it has made me more aware of what I can control, and has made me more in tuned with my body and mind.

Find your meditating/yoga/prayer routine and embrace it!

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 3.52.34 PM