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Neighborhood Charm- South End/ Back Bay

18 Apr

Located only 1.5 miles away from the grim explosions, my  quaint neighborhood is home to Boston’s vibrant, creative community.   The Back Bay and South End  is known for it’s  artistic, cultural and architectural charm.  Everyday, I am constantly inspired by  its hidden charms. Small art galleries, decor shops, cafes, and a variety of restaurants from Thai to Morrocan to Venezuelan, make up the South End.

Here are just a few inspiring images of my morning trek  in South End/Back Bay- mind you, the gardens haven’t  bloomed yet.  Leading me to say, even amidst tragedy, there is a subtle vibrance that stays strong.


Finding Motivation As Spring Sets In….

14 Apr

As Spring makes its fashionably late appearance,  there’s nothing more motivating then working on my creative projects with a ray of sunshine.

I’m a true believer that one’s  environment can dictate their motivation. If I don’t feel good, my work is going to reflect that.  For that very reason, I try my very best to keep my home office as creative looking as possible.  After all, If I’m trying to push my creative business, part of my responsibility is to be creatively motivated all day, everyday!

Some basics that help me:  Cleanliness, organization, vibrant colours, and imagery that showcase a reminder of what I love.

Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, revamp your work space to your liking and see if it makes a difference…


Here’s a snippet of what my home office looks like:



For more inspiration, take a look at some office styles:

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