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Spiritually Provoking Images

30 Dec

A picture could be worth a million words, and it can also provoke feelings hidden deep within the heart.


What Does “The Holidays” Mean to You?

25 Dec

All through out history, civilization has adorned monumental events with  festive decorations .  The point is to celebrate, rejoice, commemorate, and unite.  On the flip side, how often do we examine what we celebrate, and why we do it?

Christmas is one of the most celebrated and festive time of the year for the whole world.  But lets be honest, how much do we know about the origin of Christmas?

Here’s an ultra brief and distorted synopsis: The ancient Roman pagan tradition introduced Saturnalia as a week in honor for their diety, Saturn, but gave the public absolute liberty to act as everyone pleased.   Eventually, because people naturally went out of control, Christian Priests had taken one day out of that week in observance of Christ, this was an effort to keep the community in control.

I’m no one to argue against rituals of the past and present, in fact, I think rituals can help bring joy and passion into what we do.  As long as those rituals  are not enforced or bring harm.

Before I get side-tracked on rituals, we have to ask ourselves, why do we celebrate?

As a spiritual/religious speaker had once said, God created many religions, the point is to follow examples that don’t sell your soul for a cheap price.  Follow examples of good moral standing, follow them, learn from them, be inspired, and let it push you to do greater good.

Christ, Proph. Muhammed, the Prophet’s progeney, the many many other Prophets and spiritual guides of human history, teach us to be better human beings.

On that note, here’s to great role models, I wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christ-mas.. May we be inspired to reach our potential for the coming new year.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” – Jesus (Matthew 5:16)


Winter Inspired Design & Decor

25 Dec

Winter on the East Coast is always fascinating.  For the most part, it’s bitterly cold and annoying… However, snow flake lights, decorations, displays, make everything look so magical and mystical.

Here are just a few (of the billions)  inspirational ideas:

What’s the Driving Force Behind Your Passion?

22 Dec

For me, what inspires me to pour my heart and soul into family, art, work, social activities and prayer is pure love.  I express myself best when I’m at my peak of emotional vulnerability.  For example, moments of intense love- bond, heart-break, joy, sorrow, entice  me to pick up a paint brush and express myself through color and figures.  Those same feelings will drive me to cook and clean at my best.  Those same feelings give my family and loved ones a chance for us to get “closer” to one another.  Those same feelings will bring tears to my eyes during prayer.

Emotions are stirred by pivotal moments in our lives. Those moments provoke us to “feel”, to burn, to feel elevated.  These intense feelings prove that we are alive and able to create a reaction.

Have you ever considered what drives your passion? And how many times in your life do you pay  a visit to it?

The Art & Inspiration of Light

6 Dec

There are certain things in life that naturally refresh our state of mind.  One of the most fascinating elements (in my opinion) would be light. By definition, Light is a natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.  In essence, it is  an illuminating factor providing perspective &  knowledge.

The lack or the abundance of, provides a dimension to our state of mind.  We often associate light with hope.

The more light we have in our living space and state of mind, the more rejuvenated we could feel.

Ever notice the beauty light provides? Check out the following inspirational images.

lights1 lights2 lights3 lights5 lights6 lights7 lights8 lights10 lights11 lights15