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Hardships- A Test of Faith

16 Nov

They say that God tests the one “He” loves.  I often wonder what that means.

Every year, during the Islamic New Year, which we refer to as “Muharram”, I analyze the struggle of the Prophet Muhammed’s family.  The event of Karbala, taken place during the month of Muharram, was a pivotal moment in Islamic history.  It was a time where the pious individuals of the Prophet’s family were tested, tried, and for the most part killed.  Yet, the family and pious companions never gave up in their hardships and struggle.  Their perseverance   faith, love, and compassion  had shaken society with a passion that still lives on…  As tragic as the event of Karbala may have been, it had given birth to endless  passion and re-affirmation.

As I look at what’s going on in Gaza, the Middle East, and for the most part, the rest of the world, I hope, that our fellow siblings in humanity do not lose faith, love, and compassion no matter what the circumstance maybe.  The world is a trivial place, and the hardships often tests our level of grace, faith, compassion, and love.

Ever wonder how else our degree of faith, passion, and belief would be tested without hardships?


“Fall” into Design

6 Nov

Fall brings the cold, the bitter, the sniffles… But Fall also brings- romance in the air, coziness, and foliage…. Inspired by the season, here are some design and decorative ideas.