Having Fun With Office Decor- Dressed to Impress Office

31 Aug

When I think of decor, I think of clothes you dress your living space.  Comfort, great color combination, fitting, all these things matter.  When at work, I don’t think of it any differently.  I want my office décor to project a certain professional image and yet provide me the comfort, ease, and inspiration of my home.

Although we should remember the motto “Work to live, not live to work”, it’s important that we also  remember, we probably spend a majority of  time “at work” during the week.  Whether your office is at home, or in a hustle and bustling downtown building, here are ways to decorate your workspace office:

1.  Art work-  Captures inspiration, curiosity, thoughts.

2.  Pictures- The people who appreciate who you are.

3. Spacious desk- Room to organize files and office utensils.

4. Lamp- For gloomy days or late hours.

5.  Throws- (or a rug for that matter) To give you the comfort of your home.

Other ideas:

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One Response to “Having Fun With Office Decor- Dressed to Impress Office”

  1. Marianne November 30, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    These designs are really lovely but in all honest, I’d probably spend all day staring at them.

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