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Having Fun With Office Decor- Dressed to Impress Office

31 Aug

When I think of decor, I think of clothes you dress your living space.  Comfort, great color combination, fitting, all these things matter.  When at work, I don’t think of it any differently.  I want my office décor to project a certain professional image and yet provide me the comfort, ease, and inspiration of my home.

Although we should remember the motto “Work to live, not live to work”, it’s important that we also  remember, we probably spend a majority of  time “at work” during the week.  Whether your office is at home, or in a hustle and bustling downtown building, here are ways to decorate your workspace office:

1.  Art work-  Captures inspiration, curiosity, thoughts.

2.  Pictures- The people who appreciate who you are.

3. Spacious desk- Room to organize files and office utensils.

4. Lamp- For gloomy days or late hours.

5.  Throws- (or a rug for that matter) To give you the comfort of your home.

Other ideas:

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Simple Ways to Have Fun With Window Treatment

21 Aug

Changing up your window treatment doesn’t mean you have to purchase  new drapes… Use the same set, and change it up in multiple ways, here are some examples:

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Ramadan Reflections~ Prayer & Meditation

16 Aug

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast all day every day for a month.  During this duration, we try to spiritually and physically cleanse ourselves in whatever way possible.  Emphasis is placed on prayer, charity, and kindness.   That being said, the end of Ramadan is approaching, and one of the reflections I had this month was on prayer.  With all that consumes my life, I have always found it challenging to focus while praying.  My focus tends to be diverted by so many different thoughts…  Most of those thoughts are  far too embarrassing to post online.

I was recently inspired by Elizabeth Lesser’s perspective on meditation.  It definitely spoke to me, and I’m hoping that it might help my fellow friends (of all different religious beliefs) in their prayer/meditation regimen.

Ten Step Meditation Practice:

1.  Place and time:  Make sure you have your privacy.

2.  Seat and Posture:  Back straight, so you are able to lift yourself, physically and spiritually.

3.  Appearance: I personally find that dress attire helps develop a healthy posture. Try wearing light, flowwy, easy to move in material.  Remember to be fully clean, so you feel fresh.  Once you feel fresh, your one step closer to a fresher state-of-mind.

4.   Close your eyes. Focus on the floor… Breath.

5.  Thoughts: Observe thoughts with compassion and friendliness.  Then refocus to the breathing through the chest and belly.

6.  Embrace Feelings, Restlessness.  By embracing your condition, you are exercising self-compassion and awareness.  By exercising compassion, you are celebrating the divine energy of your creator.

7.  Always remember to return to breathing.
Prayer and meditation is a mental exercise that increases discipline, awareness, and comfort.  It is an outlet amidst the chaotic world we live in. Personally, I see it as an outlet that brings me closer to God and tranquility.

Have you given yourself a legit prayer/meditation ritual?  Try it.

Book Shelving It!!!

16 Aug

I love my books. They are there for me  when I’m happy, sad, mad, and/or bored.  Talk about being more dependable then… Dear I say more!  Because of that, I believe that books are a great component to furnishing, lifestyle, and decor.  Check out some creative book shelving ideas: