Life’s Short Stories

2 Jul

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written a sentimental blog post.
My only excuse is that my recent days have been preoccupied with a whirl wind of tasks and challenges.  But nothing short of anything I can’t handle.

Leading me to my blog post topic (a continual reminder to myself)- life is all about changes, people coming in and out, career direction taking different turns, purpose being molded and redirected, spirituality reinventing itself by experience.  EVERYTHING has a beginning, an end, and a new chapter. Nothing is ever lost, just redefined.  If you can learn the art of letting-go, accepting, and maintain a dignified yet learned approach to conflict resolution, life will display itself as an adventure of unexpected blessings.

We can never be too sure of what to expect in life.  But every step of the way, I pray that I don’t fall weak to the dark shadows of negativity, misery, laziness, oppression, and disorder.  Sincerity,honesty, awareness, love, independence, imagination, faith, ambition, these things help unshackle(d) me from disappointment. These things have also been responsible for  welcoming in the past and new blessings to my heart.


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