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Decor That Keeps the SPIRIT Alive

25 Mar

One of the many reasons I love art, design, and decor- the beauty behind the design concept inspires my spirit in a creative and spiritual way.

I also believe that decor can help set the tone to an environment.  Our (my sister and I) living place acts as a place of solitude, enjoyment, peace, and tranquility.  Although I’m a bit of a cleaning “nazi”, I like to think that the living space is breathable, peaceful, and relaxing.

Here are some pieces that I keep in my living space- simple, artistic, traditional pieces that keep our atmosphere enchanted and cozy.  Mind you,  less is more, with what one decides to include in their living space, make sure it gives good meaning.


Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World

16 Mar

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World.

Looks like an interesting documentary!

Prayer to Go

14 Mar

On a recent int’l trip, my mother returned with little gifts for family and friends.  A little pouch from Istanbul, Turkey ($1),  scented oil from Najaf, Iraq ($2),  prayer beads and Earth clay from Karbala,  Iraq (less then a dollar).  This had got to be one of my favorite presents, and yet it is so simple.  A prayer pouch (regardless of what religion you are from or from not) makes for a great piece of carry on.  Therapy in a bag!

Spring Cleaning!

13 Mar

It’s that time of year again.  The pleasant weather, sun, and fresh air electrifies us with rejuvenated energy.

Windows are opened- great opportunity to dust out the the sheets and curtains.  Breathing in the fresh air, while swiping down the furniture… Something else comes to mind.  As I open up my narrow sized closet, I look at all my clothes, underwear, shoes etc and know that I have to reorganize the space.  Organization and cleanliness welcomes in the fresh air.  With that said, here are some fabulous organizational design concepts.

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~Love, InshAllah~

10 Mar

I just recently read the book, “Love, InshAllah” It is a compilation of 25 love stories narrated by a diverse group of American Muslim women.   Each story provides a unique perspective on love.  The stories are as diverse as each woman.  Although all are Muslim, they range from different backgrounds, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Black, White, Lesbians, Sunnis, Shias.

The book definitely made me self reflect on my love life.  As I look back, I too have taken the pleasure of falling in love.  I have fallen in love not just with one person (man), but  with family, and friends.  Each chapter in my life, God never falls short in bringing people into my life, inspiring me to mysteriously transform to the sound of  love’s wisdom.

We tend to suppress love’s definition to an image.  It goes beyond the image below.  Love is unruly, unpredictable, unconditional, and runs wild, mashAllah.  Love is an amazing feeling that exists deep within each one of us.

A World of Creative Design Techniques

7 Mar

On recent travels, I’ve been exposed to various design and architectural concepts.  Asian, Islamic, Spanish,  and Latin inspired framework designs offer  great use of- space, structure, and bold display(s).  Below is a  set of  inspirational design concepts.  This just goes to show,  design can help foster space, light, inspiration, and a spiritual vibe.