Interesting Decor Rules for Comfortable Living

2 Nov

Don’t undermine the importance of decor. Think about what you want your specific ling space/room to accomplish. The purpose and functions of living spaces need to be studied and analyzed.

The elements that will help accomplish the goal of your “room” are- the fabrics, paint color, even the lighting.  Also bear in mind,  too much clutter or large bulky pieces will make a small room look and feel claustrophobic.

The colors you use in your room reflect your own taste and personality. They affect moods too, so use them wisely.

“Your focal point – the area that demands attention as soon as someone enters a room can be just about anything, but remember the rest of room’s design will be built upon and around it. The focal point may be something you add, like a stunning piece of artwork from which you took color inspiration or a rug in an interesting shape. It may also be a feature of the room, such as a niche, or a textured wall. Many people make the mistake of scattering their collections all around the house. Highlighting your collection in one area creates visual interest in a room and speaks of your personality and interests. Avoid clutter and overcrowding.

Repeat the main color throughout the room more than once. This attracts the eye and is the finishing touch. It also adds to the sense of harmony. It might be something subtle, like a throw blanket, pillow or trim fabric on a chair. Add a pattern, print or texture. These offer both a visual and tactile thrill. Find one piece you love and display it proudly. Maybe it’s an antique chest of drawers, piano, or a beautiful lampshade. Whatever it is, it will bring the room to life. Move items around the house. Sometimes the simplest design makeover is to rearrange stuff. Don’t be afraid. Remember that a bad color choice can always be repainted, furniture is easily rearranged and windows are fine with curtains, shades or nothing at all. Experiment a bit keeping your budget in mind.”


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