Confessions of an Ex-Head Scarf dresser (aka hijabi)

26 Oct

Top Five Things I Miss About Wearing the Head Scarf:

1.  It’s amazing what a small extra piece of material can do to accentuate that tad bit of graceful feeling. Obviously,  the heart and personality defines the ultimate degree of grace; but clothing can definitely help accentuate the vibe.

2.  Having random people (both men and women) give salaams (salutation for peace)….

3.  Wearing a head scarf made my sense of style feel more put together.

4.  You can’t help but feel like your making an extra effort to protect yourself against unwanted attention. Come-ons come wether the scarf is on or off; but when people get personal with you, sometimes there’s more caution, which can sometimes be a hidden blessing.

5.  Wearing a scarf often instigates curiosity from other people.  They are curious to learn more about something they don’t quite understand.  It challenges people to look deeper.


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