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Confessions of an Ex-Head Scarf dresser (aka hijabi)

26 Oct

Top Five Things I Miss About Wearing the Head Scarf:

1.  It’s amazing what a small extra piece of material can do to accentuate that tad bit of graceful feeling. Obviously,  the heart and personality defines the ultimate degree of grace; but clothing can definitely help accentuate the vibe.

2.  Having random people (both men and women) give salaams (salutation for peace)….

3.  Wearing a head scarf made my sense of style feel more put together.

4.  You can’t help but feel like your making an extra effort to protect yourself against unwanted attention. Come-ons come wether the scarf is on or off; but when people get personal with you, sometimes there’s more caution, which can sometimes be a hidden blessing.

5.  Wearing a scarf often instigates curiosity from other people.  They are curious to learn more about something they don’t quite understand.  It challenges people to look deeper.


Karen Armstrong- Advocate of Compassion and Spiritual Awakening

17 Oct

“I say that religion isn’t about believing things. It’s ethical alchemy. It’s about behaving in a way that changes you, that gives you intimations of holiness and sacredness.”– Karen Armstrong on

Karen Armstrong has to be one of my favorite scholars.  My last two reads were two of her  books- “History of God” & “The Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life”.  Most of her  books are based on faith and the major religions, studying what Islam, Judaism and Christianity have in common, and how our faiths shaped world history and drive our current global affairs and cultures.

After reading her pieces, curiosity is enticed to learn more about other religions and cultures.  She thoroughly connects many nations and tribes through differences and commonalities- a lot of food for thought that makes one reflect on life and the many wonders beyond us.  Karen Armstrong embodies the advocate for  ecumenical understanding.  I encourage people to look her up!

“When we cling to our certainties, likes, and dislikes, deeming them essential to our sense of self, we alienate ourselves from the “great transformation” of the Way, because the reality is that we are all in continual flux, moving from one state to another.  An unenlightened person, Zhuangzi explained, is like a frog in a well who mistakes the tiny patch of sky he can see for the whole; but once he has seen the sky’s immensity, his perspective is changed forever.  If we are determined to remain trapped in our current perspective, our understanding remains “small… cramped and busy.”” – Karen Armstrong, The Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

“Compassion was the major test of any true spirituality and the chief means by which human beings come into contact with God or Nirvana or Brahman. And yet you rarely hear people talking about compassion.” – Karen Armstrong, TED

The Little Things That Bring A Mystical Vibe Into a Living Space

17 Oct

To add a little Arabesque Mystique into “your” living space; make use of colourful pillows, lanterns, candles, draped cloths (shawls/sari material).

Here are some creative examples:


Liberation A La Mode

17 Oct

We live in an age where society and media brainwash us with ideas and conceptions.  Everything from global issues to beauty, media and society has a set definition.  As consumers, we unknowingly accept what is projected onto us and “buy” into it; this is our way of “fitting” into society.

The essence of liberation comes from achieving individuality;  unshackling oneself from social  pressure and absolutism.  It’s about tapping into  the global scene through an unbiased lens and celebrating the contrasting colours of humanity.   It’s not about following a trend, but innovating an alternate route.   By doing this, one is dressed to attract more knowledge, global awareness and confidence.  I personally think,  this sense of style is more captivating than any fashion or class label.





Beauty That Inspires The Imagination

4 Oct

Andalusia, Spain – A region that delivers beauty in its natural and artistic state.  I’m yearning to visit Andalusia sometime in my lifetime.  For now, the images of this region continue to spark my imagination.

Andalusia, beauty in nature, history, and art.

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