Our Sun is One of 250 Billion Other Stars…. Yet- What Makes Us Stand Out?

5 Sep

Upon my visit home, my father and I had made use of this Labor Day weekend and visited the Museum of Science.  To our pleasant surprise, a show was being held called, “Undiscovered Worlds: The Search Beyond Our Sun”.

The show explores exoplanets — the hundreds of ‘planets’ that have been found orbiting stars beyond the Sun.  This recent discovery teaches us that we are not alone in the universe, and we must redefine our understanding of our life relative to the many galaxies and life beyond us.

The show was well made.  It was as if we were taking a trip through the galaxy and beyond; absolutely breath-taking.

We left the show pondering the idea that God has created infinite possibilities beyond our wildest imagination.. Yet just as God has created infinite wonder beyond us, if we look deep within our ourselves, we will find that the complexity of our existence is relative to the Galaxies before us.

“Your sickness is within you, though you do not realize

And your cure is within, yet you do not see

You claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity

Yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe

You are the clear book, through whose letters

All that is secret is revealed and made known.

So you have no need for anything outside of you

Your consciousness is within you, though you do not know.”

~Imam Ali


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