Spiritual Significance of Ramadan

28 Jul

Once upon a time, I use to dread Ramadan.  As a third grader, there was nothing more painful then not eating all day at school and being surrounded by Juicy Juice and Smart Food packets.

However, as I grew older, and life decided to throw random challenging experiences my way… I started to embrace Ramadan for it’s spiritual and physical purpose.

This leading me to say,   fasting is not only a physical but also a spiritual exercise that has many lasting benefits.

(Following is by NHS Ramadan Health Guide)

1. Heightened Consciousness of God- Fasting helps you to become less preoccupied with bodily appetites, and enables the heart and mind to become free to reflect over deeper spiritual matters, such as your relationship with God and with fellow human beings. It enables a person to develop sustained consciousness of God – “Taqwa”.

2. Healthy living lifestyle -A fasting person learns to restrain and only responds to hunger and thirst in the
heightened level of consciousness and discipline. Through fasting a person begins to appreciate the value of food. In the Qur’an “healthy and wholesome food” is described  as the best of provisions. Thus fasting helps a person choose a healthier lifestyle by
making small yet lasting changes to your daily diet.


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