Arabic Calligraphy~ Artistic Expression Through Letter Form

13 Jun

Religions world-wide, use art to convey their core convictions.  Many will use images of their Saints &  God(s) as a way to motivate observers.   Islam on the other hand choses words over people.  To stare away from Idoltry, Islam has used calligraphy as it’s form of religious expression.

Yasin Hamid once said, “The primacy of the word in Islam is reflected in the virtually universal application of calligraphy.  Writing is given pride of place on all kinds of objects–objects of everyday use as well as entire wall surface, mosque furniture, the interiors and exteriors of mosques, tombs, al-Kaba…”

Here are examples from some of my favorite calligraphy artists,  Mohammed Ghanoum & Khalid Sheheen:

Mohammed Ghanoum & Khalid Sheheen


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