What Goes Up Must Come Down- What Comes Down Must Come Up

10 Jun

I’ve been fortunate enough to interact and connect with some amazing people.  Each fascinating person carries a different experience.  With all the various and diverse set of experiences, all carry the following components-

Moments of… Happiness——>Tragedy——->Heart Break——> Struggle—->Exhaustion—–> Motivation—->Enlightenment.

Which brings me to say- brave, honest, open, and passionate people are the most exciting to be around- they provide a level of love and comfort in bondage and advice. These people continuously provide me inspiration (my direction in life is shifted based on such influence).   That being said, even in the moment of silence, there is no dull moment.

My sister’s husband told me something the other day, “You got to learn to embrace the challenges in life… Sort of like how you embrace the game of soccer.”  The point is, learn to love the challenges in life, those challenges are what make you a better person.  Personally speaking, I have experienced some excruciating moments in my life time, yet those moments are always followed by some form of reward…  God has carried me through countless career paths, locations, relationships… In the end, I have received the gift of realization… Realization that what goes up, must come down… What comes down, must come up… And along the journey of “Ups & Downs” there are signs of the ultimate unspoken truth…. The unspoken truth rests within the heart…


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