Attractive Traits- Personality & Physical

6 Jun

I love people watching and observing, that being said, I’ve done my research in understanding the qualities in both men and women that make them stand out from the crowd.  Here are a few traits:


1.  S/he is “real”-  honest and open-minded…. Is not too guarded.

2. Thinks before s/he speaks…. S/he is also curious to hear what others have to say.

3.  Does not act better than anyone else.

4. Lifestyle:  has a clean living space, car, style.

5. Always tries to be caring- genuine, appreciative and understanding.

6. Strives to be of decent style, taste, conversation, and studies.

7. Remembers people have their own minds, thoughts, opinions, and ideals. S/he is not confrontational, but is open to new ideas or a friendly debate.


1. Great posture-  Someone with great posture exudes confidence and grace.

2. S/he dresses nicely and comfortably, but does not necessarily over spend or is high maintenance.

3. Good hygiene- Example:  S/he is clean- smells clean;  cut nails;  groom.

4.  S/he is active and pro-active- is not afraid to take chances and try new things.


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