My Name Is Iran

3 Jun

Iran Davar Ardalan, the author of “My Name Is Iran,”represents a woman of many shades. One could say she is third generation perseverance.  Spending her life bouncing back and forth between America and Iran, she is torn between two terminals of family history.  Torn by a culture clash that mirrors the conflicting events in her life; Ardalan lives through the Irani revolution while experiencing an inner revolution within herself.

Here are a couple of profound excerpts from  “My Name is Iran”:

“I have found deep inner strength as if my emotions were profoundly linked to the stream of my life.  My creative instincts focused my imagination, bridging me success at home and work.  Thus a new day and a new Iran are born.”

“Do you not see how the spring breeze becomes visible in the trees and grasses, the rose-beds and sweet herbs?  Through the medium of these you gaze upon the beauty of spring.  But when you look upon the spring breeze itself, you see nothing of these things… those waves are subtle and do not come into sight, only through some medium are they revealed out of their subtlety.  Likewise in the human being these qualities are hidden, and only become manifest through an inward or outward medium.  The wave is a commotion visible from within you, without an external medium.  But so long as the sea is still, you see nothing.  Your body is on the shore of the sea and your soul is of the sea.” – Rumi


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