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BIG Ideas Come from a BIG Imagination

19 May
Dressing your imagination
aDressing your imagination

Big Ideas come when “you” are able to get in touch with your creativity, whether it’s artistic, aesthetic, or a response to market needs.  Often, creativity is misunderstood as an exceptional gift that some people have and some people don’t. Creativity is a tool available to anyone who understands its components.  Through a series of appreciation and practice, people can  learn how to actively seek the characteristics and environments that foster creativity and avoid the factors that inhibit it.

The other day, my father had told me- when he was a very young boy growing up in Rasul Nagar, a remote village in Punjab, Pakistan,  he and his friends use to build miniature trains… Not just any ordinary train, but wired miniature trains on tracks. My father surrounded himself with other curious young minds, and together his friends built what they thought was near to impossible.   Bare in mind, during that time,  many parts of Rasul Nagar did not have electricity.

Now a days,  six-year olds are too busy carrying digital devices as a source of information and entertainment.  Can you believe, the media industry is buying-out our time and our minds?!?

We must avoid succumbing to robotic behavior.  Promote and challenge one another to think of the unthinkable.  Challenge our skills through our beautiful minds. After all,  the creation of BIG IDEAS are  initiated through the imagination.

Ways to exercise creativity can be found through so many different techniques, here are a few mental exercises:

1.  Appreciate nature and the universe.  The natural beauty around us inspire our minds to think colorfully.

2. Appreciate Interior Design and Architecture.  Think of it this way, your living space is a reflection of your personality.  It doesn’t take a big budget to live in a beautiful home… With a creative imagination, ‘you’ can make any area into a beautiful living space- based on your beautiful personality and ideas.  It’s all about calculating your surroundings and revamping with the colors of your imagination.

3.  Fashion.  Once again, you don’t have to be rich or high maintenance to appreciate a good sense of style.  Style involves color (or lack of), shapes, personality, the walk & talk.  Fashion is an expression and a commodity.

4.  Art. Art is everywhere.  Art is interpretation.

5.  Think optimistically and don’t restrict yourself by saying “it’s not possible”.




The Importance of a Creative Touch to Causes and Missions

9 May

This day in age, technology has gripped all of us in a whirlwind of pop culture exposure.  Our ears, eyes, and minds are hooked to sources that spit colorful energy at us… in High Definition.   Amidst all of this chaos, it is important that humanitarian missions find a way to tap into this source. Here are a couple of examples of missions, such as, New Ark, that have pursued a way to wake us up to a reality in need of attention.

Islamic Inspired Interior Design

8 May

I’ve been obsessing about Islamic interior design for a very very long time…. Today, as I saw my dad repainting the full interior of the house, I was driving him crazy with ideas…

I found,  Islamic Art inspires a  bright, very cozy yet dramatic impact.   The key is simplicity with a touch of Arabesque.  The theme, Arabesque, can be identified by geometric  forms that often echo the forms of plants, shapes, and calligraphy.  Form and calligraphy combined constitute an infinite pattern that extends beyond what we can identify in this world.  The spiritual essence of Islamic Art, brings a style of peace and relaxation to any household.   Embellish your homes with simple art, calligraphy, pillows and lanterns… Here are some ideas:

Canadian living in Abbottabad Right Next To “OBL staged Operation”.

6 May

“Dawud Wharnsby, Canadian born singer songwriter, moved to Abbottabad in Pakistan to be close to his wife’s grandparents. On Monday May 2, 2011 he found that this quiet town was suddenly the centre of an international incident. Osama Bin Laden had apparently been living there until US forces stormed his compound and shot him dead. Dawud reflects on local reaction amidst the poverty that he witnesses all around him.”

Below is a wonderful excerpt from the following article, click here.

“There is no doubt that money helps and groups like Red Cross/Red Crescent are always in need of our donations (my family and I are pleased to relate that we administrate two charities here in Pakistan: one for education and one for the building of homes lost by families in last year’s flood.) BUT – it is my belief that we are all interconnected by more than just financial paper trails. To help people like my 12 year old friend or the Afghani kids who search garbage pits near my home, I would suggest we all try to:

– Simply be aware of the extreme financial divide between how most of us live and how others live

– Be wise when we make purchases, by understanding and implementing a proper understanding of “needs vs. wants”

– Teach our children well – not just how to read and count, but about social awareness, social justice and social responsibility

– Try to live with humility, gratefulness, graciousness and compassion to others

– Examine our wastefulness.   Remember, whatever we bring into the house has to be accounted for somehow.  In places like North America and the UK I see much more emphasis on “Recycling” than “reducing” or “re-using”.  By and large, we are not encouraged to cut back on the waste we create, we are just conditioned to buy in bulk  because when we’ve tossed the plastic away, somebody else will just recycle it! Waste is waste – costs money to process and takes energy to dispose of or recycle.

– Would it not be better if we all just tried to stop being so greedy?

– Volunteer our time with others in our local community who need love, care and hope.

– Give freely and look for no reward or recognition.

– Stop living in fear of what we don’t understand and try to grow in understanding.

– Stand up for justice without excuses or concern of “how we might look to others”.
The list goes on…”

Soldiers Speaking Out on War… A Very Enlightening and Inspirational Watch.

6 May

Islamic Burial- Why the Traditions? What’s the Purpose?

5 May

These days, a lot has been going on in the world, from natural disasters to multiplying wars, to the disputed death of Osama Bin Laden.

In news today, the main query has been, did the US follow the codes of Islam in OBL’s burial…  John Brennan, the President’s chief counter-terrorism adviser said, “The disposal of – the burial of Bin Laden’s remains was done in strict conformance with Islamic precepts and practices… it was prepared in accordance with the Islamic requirements.”  To be honest with you- I don’t know what to believe.   But I can say one thing-  out of all this, another interesting (and often neglected) topic ascended – why do we follow strict burial rules???  Why is it urgent to bury the body within 24 hours of decease?

Between this world and the next, the soul experiences a shock, a sudden sense of confusion– the spirit needs to transcend to a different world.  If the body is not directed to its resting space in a decent manner, the spirit will experience heavier confusion.

To read more about Islamic burial rituals click here.