Summer Detox- 3 Natural Ways to Improve Your Skin, Mind & Body.

27 Apr

Skin Like Yasmeen's- in an easy & natural way.

For a 29-year-old, like myself, I am well aware of the advantages and disadvantage of age.  Funny enough, I find myself healthier now then ever… What’s my secret?  Well, it’s not a secret, but the answer is: staying active and trying to relax.  I’m a personal believer that with age, a person can easily appear healthier….

Flipping through women’s magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, or Allure-  expensive skin care products are advertised left and right to improve the condition of skin and body… Personally, I feel as though most of those products are no different then the generic brand ointments & lotions.  Many people jump to buying expensive products without considering the more natural and easy ways of detoxifying.

With Summer coming, here are some natural and cost efficient ways to detox- resulting in better skin and a peace of mind:

1.  Feel good by sweating and letting the natural oils take place:

Enjoy being under the sun, go to a sauna, lay by the beach- sweating rids the body and skin of toxins. It is a good habit that pays many health dividends. It is also believed that exposure of the skin to heat stimulates the production of white blood cells and strengthens the immune system.  After sweating so much, enjoy a nice dip in cold water, whether it be in a beach or in the shower.

2. Breath more:

Acne and wrinkles don’t arrive just because of oily skin or age, a lot of times, acne and wrinkles are stress induced.  When we are stressed, our body physically starts to look WORN OUT… By simply taking more deep breaths, we rid our body of such tension.  Breathing raises the level of oxygen in our blood- improving, relaxation, sleep,  blood pressure, energy, and circulation.  Here are some popular activities to help pace your breathing- Prayer/Meditation, swimming, exercising.  I also noticed that a heated room or sauna helps people relax, slowly deep breath, and sweat…..

Whatever is more accessible to you, be it your desk, gym, or a prayer room, just remember to BREATH.

3.  Eat fruits and vegetables:

During the Spring and Summer, we see more fresh fruits and vegetables… Enjoy eating them!  Also drink lots of water.  All the vitamins and water help rejuvenate your body.

Hope these 3 points come in handy!


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