Summer Fever After Spring Cleaning: For the Mind, Body, and Soul

25 Apr

As the days get sunnier and warmer; the flowers blossom, the birds chirp, people laugh, children cheer- the atmosphere transitions to a more positive vibe.  It’s time to get out of hermit mode; time to get out of the cave and into the light.

The new weather inspires us to change not only our mood, but also our daily habits, style, and living.  Here’s a list to help inspire that change:

1. SPRING CLEAN:  In your living space-  open the windows, let the fresh air in. Play some up beat music.  Sweep out the dust and polish up your shelves… Empty out your closets… Spray the air and sheets with a floral scent.

2. DONATE:  When Emptying your closets, don’t throw everything away.  Anything that is too small, big, or simply takes up space, DONATE IT.

3. Dis-CONNECT:  Unplug the tv.  Get use to shutting your laptops.  GET OUTSIDE!  Make Spring and Summer the memorable seasons they are.  Plan outings, play outside; turn the bbq on…. Get your Summer on!

4. LIVE IN COLOR:  Spice up your wardrobe.  I’m not saying buy a new wardrobe… Keep your t-shirts, tanks, and dresses basic… You need to be saving money for memorable trips…. Invest in small accessories that lighten up your style and living space…. Lighter sheets… Lighter lip color…. Bold color accessories….. Have fun with color.

5. EVENT PLAN: Plan weekly/monthly events for the Spring and Summer… Picnics,  charity drives, sports games, coffee outings with your friends… Keep yourself productively active.  The sun brings out the best in us.

6. A WALK IN THE PARK:  Take a stroll in the park. Sit in the park.. Eat in the park.. Play in the park… Read in the park… People watch in the park… need I say more?

For my East coast people, remember, we are only graced with a couple of months of Spring and a few months of Summer…. MAKE THE BEST OF IT!


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