Inspiring Serenity in the Atmosphere- Islamic Art & Architecture

19 Apr

This evening, I had relaxed with my friend (who is married with a daughter) at her place.  I couldn’t help but admire their living space.  Their home is decorated with a warm decor, cushions, modern pieces mixed with oak-wood furnishing. Above all, I loved the fact that her living space was very spacious and serene.  The element that brought warmth and awe were her walls.  The room’s walls are decorated with an array of Islamic art.  This brought us to touch base on a fine topic:  Islamic architecture .

“Whether in colour, or clay, or stone,
Whether by the harp, or a letter or sound,
The true miracle of art is shown when
nourished by the heart’s blood.” – Allama Iqbal

Islamic architecture compliments a blank and spacious base.  The spacious base sets the tone for prayer and meditation.  Dim lit lamps and lanterns bring serenity into the night.  Interiors are often decorated with ceramic tiles in continuous, geometric patterns on the floors and walls. Decorative elements include Islamic calligraphy which allow patterns of spiritual text to decorate the interior walls. Simple cushions, rugs and textiles bring colour and texture to rooms which often have few pieces of furniture.

The key elements to Islamic architecture is calligraphy, lighting and open space.  Islamic art and architecture has been the inspiration behind my living space, and it had definitely worked for my friend’s home.   I hope Islamic art gets more recognition.  More homes and halls would look better with some spiritual inspiration.


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