SPRING AND SUMMER STYLE…. Comfortable & Modestly Confident Style.

12 Apr

During the Spring & Summer, I love to people watch in the city… Call it creepy, but it’s hard not to.  As I make my way down Newbury St., Boston’s fashion landmark, it’s lovely to see so many happy faces.  With the weather warm and sunny, why wouldn’t people be wearing their smiles?

Along with a fashionable smile, people tend to celebrate by changing their wardrobe around.  Girls will bring out their dresses, guys will bring out their t-shirts….

I really appreciate a good sense of  simple effortless style…Which brings me to say, to each is their own sense of style..  But in my opinion, there’s nothing more appealing then someone who dresses with comfort, grace and walks with style.  Grace & comfort equals confidence.  Overly revealing/loud  equals discomfort and insecurity.

So before any of you try to walk out in a mini (girls or guys), think twice.

Just compare the two images, and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean.




IN A NUTSHELL, my fellow brothers and sisters,  enjoy the warm weather with effortless grace & confidence…..


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