Do You Ever Really Consider What Awaits After This Life? Heaven or Hell?

7 Apr

My latest read was titled, “Nine Days in Heaven” based on a true story about Marietta Davis.

It is recounted that Marietta Davis had fallen into a trance at age twenty-five that lasted nine days.  Davis fell into a sudden unconsciousness leading her into a trans-phoric arena, she had later explained the  extraordinary graphic details  of how angels had transported her spirit to heaven and hell.  Upon regaining consciousness, the initially “non-religious” Marietta made it clear that her vision was given for her to tell the world so people could prepare for the afterlife.   Her memoirs were later translated by Dennis and Nolene Prince.  This book is saturated with a Biblical background, backing all her recollections with sayings from the New Testament.

Although the intentions of the book seem to promote Christianity as the top-tier religion of humanity; this book had definitely raised a few good points.  Do we ever really consider what happens to our spirit and soul in the after life?  What is it that awaits us?  Will we be reunited with our loved ones? What is it that we actually believe in?  What is Heaven and what is Hell?

This world consumes us with worries and desires,  some that challenge our spirit with long-term consequences.   It’s important that we consider the long-term consequences.  We must take our “purpose” seriously and  understand what it means to achieve success from within and beyond.

Although I questioned the authenticity of this book, I really appreciated some of the points and following statements:

“I mulled over the things I had seen.  First I had learned that sin brings death; secondly, that happiness does not come from disobedience but from simple faith.  Then I had discovered that deceit is the foundation of darkness and the source of much  trouble.  It is camouflage to hide the consequences of lying and evil”(pg. 73).

“In addition to that, when I was sucked down by the darkness, I had looked up to heaven passionately wanting to go back there & be saved.  Little did I know I could suffer so much agony from the love and harmony of Heaven.  I had no idea my own condition would cause me misery equal to the deepest Hell” (pg. 81).


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