Straightening Personal Finances… Huh, What?

21 Mar

How many of us are in debt?  Many of us, and to discuss it is almost as uncomfortable as admitting it.  We live in a society that expects us to buy more, invest more, carry more; pay in return with additional interest and penalty.  The pressure is all around us; if you don’t have “this device” or  “this version”, then you’ll fall behind society.

I try to follow this motto, “simplicity is the key to happiness”.  Why?  Because, the more responsibility we take over materialistic “stuff”, the easier it is to lose site of the bigger picture.

The Big Picture:

Love yourself, family, and friends. Lead a healthy life. Learn and innovate. Tap into the human potential.  Nourish the soul.  Embrace the beauty in life.

Minimizing the “junk”, the “extra noise”,  will provide a more conducive, coherent lifestyle; not to mention a prettier living space.  There’s nothing more frustrating than a clutter of meaningless responsibility.

Here’s an inspirational article about simplifying your life as a way to handle personal finances: click here.


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