Relieving Anxiety: Part Deux ~ 3 Major Tips to Living With a Touch of Feng Shui

15 Mar

A few posts ago, I had talked about the importance of faith and God in order to relieve anxiety.  Yesterday, as I sat with my sisters in our lovely apartment; the smell of our scented candles reminded me of a few other things.

Sharing space and living on your own are two pretty challenging yet liberating situations. Between financing, communicating, and maintaining a relaxing lifestyle, “we” naturally begin to explore the things that make it all worth it.

1.  Creating a simple touch of feng shui in your personal  living space:

  • I can’t stress how important it is; your living space is a reflection of you.  How you furnish your home not only reflects your style, but it influences your state of mind.
  • Creating a feng shui environment shouldn’t be expensive.  Focus on the simple factors that can make all the difference; such as, colors in a room.  For us, we figured warm colors in the living area, bedroom & kitchen, ; light colors in the bathroom set a relaxing tone…. Our overall colour scheme: Beige, off-white, and maroon-setting a classy and romantic tone. Not to mention, it goes with the Fall, Winter, and Summer.
  • Come Home to a Place that Will Bring Ease.

  • We keep family pictures and home-made paintings on our walls.  The style is truly authentic, truly personal, and truly cost-efficient.
  • Creative Inspiration Home Furnishing

    Add Your Personal Touch- Decorate Your Walls With Artisitc Inspiration

  • Less seats more pillows.
  • The key to peace, is a LESS CLUTTERING MESS.
  • On that note, your life becomes easier to live when everything from your clothes to your mail is organized- easy to find.
  • Bathroom and kitchen.. Are the top two priorities in cleanliness.
  • Counter-tops, sink-tops, desk-tops have to be clean and spacious.
  • Our fire place is closed off, but that doesn’t mean the fire has to be.  Occasionally, at night, we will light scented candles around the apartment.
Closed off Fire Place

Closed off Fire Place- Makes for a great mount

Additional Tips to relax:

  • Never underestimate the importance to DIM light at night time.
  • Windows give a room a natural light… The longer and wider, the better… Just avoid any extremes.

Dim Lit Living Room

2. The scent of a haven:

  • The smell of home effects your body odor, and your sleep.
  • We dread smelling like onions, gharam masala, or garlic/ginger.  By smelling good, it’s important to keep the ventilation at home good.  Whether it is by having something installed or simply keeping the windows open during cooking; both are important.  I found that sprays, whether it’s Fabreeze or Victoria Secrets body;  lightly spraying the furniture on a daily basis, keeps everything smelling fresh and clean. Washing your towels and bed sheets should be done on a weekly and monthly basis.

3. Schedule for the day:

Life should be lived, not planned… But, having daily habits can help motivate ambition through out the day….

Although God has blessed me with an unpredictable life, I have been able to give structure to my days.  Here’s what get me through the days..


  • Prayer;
  • Yoga/Stretching;
  • light breakfast;
  • Walk to work.


  • Lunch break; prayer; coffee; reboot to work.


  • Yoga/ dance, swimming; OR in the spring/summer time enjoy some out door soccer…. Believe it or not, along with being a great work out; sports play a great roll in stress relief.
  • Cook Dinner. Reading, a little tv, or painting.  Pay bills to the sound of music. End the day with Prayer .

    Combined art studio and kitchen

    Combined art studio and kitchen


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