When Disaster Strikes, What Would Be Going Through Your Mind?

12 Mar

Today, the images of the tsunami disaster in Japan reminded me of an “end of the world” movie.  I could not imagine the thoughts that went through people’s minds as they looked out their window to see a massive wave.  The shock.  The horror.  After hearing about the disaster that struck, many thoughts crossed my mind.  I couldn’t help but feel immense guilt for my current comfortable living condition… I also felt incredibly grateful.

Also, today, It just so happened I finished a book called, “First, They Killed My Father”.  It is a story about the author, Loung Ung, and her experience in Phnom Penh, Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge siege.  The book references the fact that Loung Ung lost most of her family during the crisis in Cambodia- but was able to eventually escape and live in America.  She is now a Human Rights Activist.

Between the tsunami and the book, both had made me ponder the thought of living in a state of destruction.  If soldiers were to barge into my house, or if a wave was to come crashing down; what would my thoughts be?  If I over came the shock, I would run to gather my family, and keep God in mind, iA.

Not that many of us give thought to this, because it would be a dreadful and saddening situation; but both situations are possible occurences.  These events teach us the meaning of appreciating the most of our days; loving our families; living with no regrets; helping one another.  We never know, any day could be our last; and it can come in any shape and/or form.

Prayers go out to those who have been tested in such destructive situations, Ameen.


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