The Cure to Anxiety

10 Mar

Ever have those mornings where your walking to work, and the butterflies start to flutter in “your basket”? I detest those mornings like I detest the smell of raw milk.  Every office I’ve worked at, I’ve experienced some degree of anxiety that dampers the light of day.  In fact, this form of anxiety creeps up randomly, whether it’s at work or before I deliver or hear shocking news from and to friends/family.

Like I said, I really really detest that feeling.  Fortunately, I’m not the only one who suffers of it, EVERYONE does.  A few years back, I had worked at a cut-throat advertising agency; and I kid you not, that was the year I discovered the remedy to extreme anxiety.  Are you ready for the cure?


“What?” You might ask.  Well, the actual word “God”, is derived from the German word, “Got”,  meaning- “the instance to the spirit immanent in a burial mound”.  God has many different names in all different religions.  Overall, each religion agrees that God is the ultimate energy.  Unfortunately, people tend to humanize God, thus doubt the capabilities. God is an energy that cradles life, and to each is their own way of embracing this form of energy.  Embracing God, provides faith and hope.  Throwing life into perspective, God reminds us that life is temporary, our soul is eternal.  To each is their own string of challenges and experiences. God teaches us- take the best from each challenge building strength and immunity to the soul.

Going to work, dealing with challenging matters, etc, are blessings in disguise that grant us the chance of perseverance and strength. Pray to God that you will get through this, and eventually “this to shall pass”.  In life, what matters is what remains in the heart.  Kindness, mercy, and understanding cleans the heart of guilt. Going to work, hearing others verbally abuse fellow colleagues and such, is wrong; and though it seems like they are not punished for that; they are – by a darkened  heart.  For those who feel anxiety, try to replace that feeling with pity.  In this life, our main concern should be maintaining a strong soul and a beautiful heart.  Although family, friends, and work- life are important; the challenges we take from them should encourage us to have healthier souls.

So here’s my advice to myself and esteemed peers.  Next time there’s a test, work-day, financial, or family issue, remember, what surrounds you will be gone “tomorrow”, but what remains is your spirit.  Stay strong, faithful, and happy. God is with us.  Ameen.


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