My New Read

9 Mar

After finishing the great book, “I Am Najood, Age 10 and Divorced”, I decided to move on to another inspirational read.  The current book I’m reading is called “Banker to the Poor” by Muhammad Yunus.  This book , although structured differently, reminds me of “Half The Sky“.  Yunus tells the tales of so many people, their struggles and successes. After reading such a book, the  body and mind is set on an adrenalin that yearns to take on a challenge.   In the first 100 pages, Yunus goes into detail about his past and what lead to an unexpected journey of micro-lending and the battle against world poverty.

Here are some enlightening quotes I came across:

“..Thing are never as complicated as they seem.  It is only our arrogance that prompts us to find unnecessarily complicated answers to simple problems.”

“My work became a struggle to show that the “financial un-touchables” are actually touchable, even huggable.  To my great suprise, the repayment of loans by people who borrow without collateral has proven to be much better than those whose borrowings are secured by assets.  Indeed, more then 98 percent of our loans are repaid.  The poor know that this credit is their only opportunity to break out of poverty.  They do not have any cushion whatsoever to fall back on.  If they fall afoul of this one loan, they will have lost their one and only chance to get out of the rut.”

“The ex-Gonobahini (Bengal rebels) turned out to be excellent workers.  These underground fighters were young (usually between 18 and 20), hard working, and dedicated.  They had wanted to liberate the country with guns and a revolution, and now they were walking around those same villages extending micro-loans to the destitute.  They just needed a cause to fight for.  We channeled their energies toward something more constructive than terrorism.  Provided they give up their guns, we were happy to hire them as bank workers.”

I’m barely half way through the book, and with full confidence  I can say  this book is a MUST READ. 🙂


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