Hijabi- To Be or Not To Be? That is the Question.

5 Mar

I recently took a break from the head scarf… After 5 wonderful years of observing hijab-head scarf level, it was strange to walk outside with out a scarf…. The reason for not wearing it, well, I simply wanted a change in style.

A lot of people looked at me with confusion and had asked questions of all sorts.  I personally don’t think it’s a big deal.  Should we start questioning people who decide to wear full sleeves one day and short sleeves the next?

To me, hijab means modesty and grace.  There are so many ways to observe “hijab”…  In my opinion, the most important form of hijab, is the hijab of the heart.  A modest heart defines the streangth of the soul…  A modest style motivates a modest heart.  Modest gesture and language motivates a modest heart.  Modest lifestyle motivates a modest heart.

Although I have been tempted to change my style around, I haven’t abandoned the head scarf completely. Some time in the future,  I hope to restart wearing the head scarf on a regular basis…

While walking around Boston, I notice women who wear the head scarf in such beautiful and graceful ways; and I continue to look upon them with fondness and aspiration.

Like I said, modesty does not have one style.  In the Quran, hijab is defined vaguely, like many other statements, it is left for interpretation.  The head scarf is no doubt a style of grace.  However, so many other elements factor into grace.

“True modesty is the source of all virtues.”- Prophet Muhammed


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