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Waris Shah- The Shakspeare of Punjab

24 Mar

My loving dad and I have been exchanging emails for the past couple of days… The latest topic has been about the late Waris Shah (1722-1798).  Waris Shah was a great Sufi poet.  His work included the very popular Heer Ranjha: an epic love tragedy.  His poetry has lived on till today; and continues to strike the emotional chords of humanity.

Awwal hamad Khuda da vird kariyeIshq kita su jag da mool mian 

Pehlaan aap hi Rabb ne ishq kita

Te mashooq he nabi rasool mian

Translation: “First of all let us acknowledge God, who has made love the worth of the world.
It was God Himself that first loved, and the Prophet  is His beloved “

Here is a link to a recitation by Iqbal Bahoo to Waris Shah’s poem, Heer:


Straightening Personal Finances… Huh, What?

21 Mar

How many of us are in debt?  Many of us, and to discuss it is almost as uncomfortable as admitting it.  We live in a society that expects us to buy more, invest more, carry more; pay in return with additional interest and penalty.  The pressure is all around us; if you don’t have “this device” or  “this version”, then you’ll fall behind society.

I try to follow this motto, “simplicity is the key to happiness”.  Why?  Because, the more responsibility we take over materialistic “stuff”, the easier it is to lose site of the bigger picture.

The Big Picture:

Love yourself, family, and friends. Lead a healthy life. Learn and innovate. Tap into the human potential.  Nourish the soul.  Embrace the beauty in life.

Minimizing the “junk”, the “extra noise”,  will provide a more conducive, coherent lifestyle; not to mention a prettier living space.  There’s nothing more frustrating than a clutter of meaningless responsibility.

Here’s an inspirational article about simplifying your life as a way to handle personal finances: click here.

Nauroz Mubarak! Salee no Mubarak!

21 Mar

Today is the Persian New Year; the Spring Equinox…I didn’t realize it until my mother brought it to my attention.. Upon my visit home, my mother served lassi and sweet dishes…  It was then that my mother had notified me that today marked a special occasion. To learn more about the Persian New Year, click here.

Fascinating Cartoons Depicting War

17 Mar

It’s truly amazing how much emotion these cartoons/comics contain.

The most conspicuous element of a comic, such as, Persepolis is its inspired art style.  If you were to take a glance at such designs, the tedium of it would delude the viewer from the intensity of the story line.  The cartoon design provides a touch of innocence to the maturity of the content.   Check out the comics/cartoons regarding the following topics.

Read and watch the film regarding growing up through the Irani Revolution:

Check out a film regarding The Lebanon War of 1982, Masacre of Sabra & Shatilla through the eyes of a young Israeli Def. Force Soldier:

An Understanding of terrorism grown in Pakistan, check out the music video, Find Heaven:

From Chitral to Fashion in the West… Women Making a Difference.

17 Mar

Watching these women, it’s amazing…. It’s impressing, the dedication from both sides.  From the hard work of women in Chitral, Pakistan to the ambition of the fashion designers; these women are working together to make a difference.. I love how the fashion designers respect the culture, abide by it, and even speak the language!  Amazing, mashAllah.

To read more, read the earlier post from November 2010.

A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

16 Mar

“These days I live in three worlds, my dreams, and the experiences of my new life, which trigger memories from the past.”- Ismael Beah

These words come from Ismael Beah, a fighter and a survivor, whose past experience has defined his life mission.  A Long Way Gone is a biography based on Ishmael’s Beah’s struggle through the civil war in Sierre Leone.  While reading this book, I was reminded of the movie “Blood Diamonds” and the countless films about young boy soldiers.  I found myself skimming many pages, because the gore was just too much.  Although I had the luxury to skim and skip through some of the pages, these young children and innocent civilians had no where to escape or skim.  The horror lived in the air they breathed.

Although Reading the Conflict Made Me Cringe; To Every War Torn Story, There Is a Ray of Hope That Brings Beauty to the Story:

In spite of all the terrible events in Ishmael’s life, he finds a way to prevail.  Through out his experience in Sierre Leone, he experiences many “rebirths” as an effort to “win” the “battle”.  He goes from being the victim of war to  being the antagonist to becoming the victim again; only to eventually find a way out of the grim.   In his escape, he finds love again and meaning to his existence. Towards the end of the 11 year conflict, he joins the United Nations as a way to advocate  that other children will not be subjected in the future to the tragedy he had to endure.

The Struggles Experienced Help Clarify The Purpose of One’s Existence:

After reading about so many civil conflicts, they all begin to sound the same.  The ugly side of human nature can be so destructive and negative; yet the beauty of human nature brings glitter to the sky. The protagonists of the last few books I have read, have been amazing young characters that have raced against death to cradle the message of good faith, strength, hope, and love to humanity.  Their “good fight” inspires the soul to flourish and embrace any and all sorts of challenges.

Ishmael Beah - A Long Way Gone Free Study Guide/Notes/Summary
Ishmael Beah

Tsunami Miracle Baby

16 Mar

When natural disasters strike, you will always come across a few stories that bring joy amidst all the tears.

There have been a few surfacing love stories… The following link is one between a father and a daughter.

Miracle Baby