~~How to Love Me~~

2 Feb

A month ago, as I was walking through Barnes & Nobles with a group of my girl friends, we discovered that the Valentines table was now in display.  On the table- various books, ornaments, questionnaires, and hallmark inspired material.  With coffee in one hand, and embarrassed smile, we giggled over the countless sappy one-liners displayed in all the books.  Although the giggles were meant to be condescending, each one of us bared true thoughts in our nervous eyes…. “I wonder if I can get any pointers through any of these books”.. With hesitance, my fingers brushed the cover of all the different books, “How to Find Love For Dummies”, “Crazy In Love Poetry”, “A Geeks guide to Karma Sutra”, “He Loves Me He Loves Me Not”… and there it was-  the little black book!  That little black book was titled, “How to Love Me”..

Years ago, I had carried a black book for myself and at the time, “signficant other”… It was my way of writing out my thoughts, questions, hopes and aspirations… On a special day, I gave the little black book to the one I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with… It was probably one of the most romantic and thoughtful investments I had ever made.. A thrifty gift it was, yet within each page, a prolific degree of authenticity & care…   Each page was decorated with questions, ideas,  poems, you name it!  That little black book was a personal idea.  It was my way of building a bridge between two people.  I often wondered, did anyone else share this genius idea??? Well,  years later,  Barnes & Noble is carrying the little black book :D.

Back to my girl friends and I…. After seeing the little black book, with an obnoxious smile  and a Vanna White gesture, I held the book up for everyone to see.  The girls looked at me as if I had three different heads.. “Nice, Amna”…  Sheepishly, I had placed the book back into its display case.. Walking away, I contemplated “should I buy it?”…  Fast forward, two weeks later, I march back into Barnes & Nobles, and with confidence, purchase the book.  Ten dollars for a black journal that already had  pages of great questions and room for more.  I might be single, but it’s never too early to write  to my soul mate!

In my opinion,  whether you are single or with someone, one should carry a journal. It’s a great way to write out and discover what it is you love in God, life, in yourself, in others.  Eventually, that journal becomes your guide in finding Mr/s. Right.   Whether the person is in your life or not, eventually s/he will be!  So it’s never too early to begin writing out your thoughts.  Communication is the most important factor between two love birds.  When two people merge their lives together, they literally merge their souls together… It’s best to have a relationship that is built on strong communication, honesty, and love… and the little black book is a wonderful instrument for building that bond!

And to set the record straight, I’m not a sales person for Ali Davis’ books.


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