Merry Christ-mas! Inspiration of Love.

25 Dec

“The Kingdom of God (Heaven) is within you”-  Christ (Hazrat Isa)

This quote speaks a truth that we can only learn in our tested moments.  Each one of us experiences daily struggles.  Within our struggles we can either swim in our misery, or embrace what lies within the heart.  Love.

God is love.  Our heart beats to love’s intensity.  In each moment we breath, and live, we must remember, God’s gift lives within us.  To each moment where we find our selfs crying, smiling, embracing- that is God’s way of showing us, that Love is real and beautiful.  Love awakens the soul to a true reality- peace exists no matter what.  We often search for peace in other places, yet forget that the root of peace- love, compassion and grace, lies within us.  Thank God.


Lesson on love:


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