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Merry Christ-mas! Inspiration of Love.

25 Dec

“The Kingdom of God (Heaven) is within you”-  Christ (Hazrat Isa)

This quote speaks a truth that we can only learn in our tested moments.  Each one of us experiences daily struggles.  Within our struggles we can either swim in our misery, or embrace what lies within the heart.  Love.

God is love.  Our heart beats to love’s intensity.  In each moment we breath, and live, we must remember, God’s gift lives within us.  To each moment where we find our selfs crying, smiling, embracing- that is God’s way of showing us, that Love is real and beautiful.  Love awakens the soul to a true reality- peace exists no matter what.  We often search for peace in other places, yet forget that the root of peace- love, compassion and grace, lies within us.  Thank God.


Lesson on love:


Why Pray 5 times a day?

17 Dec


Prayer is a form of worship.  We pray to God- to stay away from worshiping our own self.  To stay away from worshipping others.  To stay away from worshipping what is here today, but gone tomorrow. Prayer to God, unshackles the chains we lock against each other.  ~Humanity stands equally under one Entity. ~

The peace in prayer, nourishes the soul, and brings ease to a conflicted heart.  To pray 5 times a day, reminds us that our best friend is our Creator…

~Lessons behind Muharram & The house of the Prophet~

17 Dec

In the beginning of the Islamic New Year, Muslims across the globe observe and commemorate a time in history that had impacted the spiritual world in  ways more than one.  Believer or non-believer, people are touched by the story of Ahul Bayat (family of Prophet Muhammad). Hearing the story of their struggle evokes inspiration and spiritual fulfillment to the human heart.  The family had stood with grace and unity against injustice from an oppressive power; unfortunately, most of the Prophet’s family (around 72 (men, women and children/babies)) had been massacred by the embodiments of mortal sin.  Their death had not been marked as a failure, but an example of supernatural triumph, one that had inspired the sun to rise above the clouds.  Every year, their journey is commemorated by millions and millions of hopeful souls, Muslims and non-Muslims.
The events of Karbala defined the meaning of a justice, forgiveness, patience, true love.


The family was known to stand for what was right against what was wrong– with exemplary grace and piety.   Imam Ali (nephew, son-in-law, and cousin of the Prophet saw)  on numerous of occasions commanded that care should be shown upon even our enemies.
For example:  During 39 and 40 AH, Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan organized bands of murderers and brigands to enter border towns and to carry on loot, plunder, arson and rape. At that time Kumayl was the governor of Heet. Kumayl asked Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib’s (as) permission to organize similar bands and carry plunder in the province of Circiea which was under the control of Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan. Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (as) replied:
“I never expected such a suggestion from a man like you. It is nobler and more moral to guard your people and province than to plunder others. They might be our enemies but they are also human beings. They consist of civil population comprising of’ women and children how call one loot, plunder and kill them. No, never even dream of such a venture.”


The family had displayed forgiveness on numerous occasions within Karbala.
“Fill your heart to the brim with mercy, kindness, and affection towards your subjects. Never act like a voracious ‘animal’ towards them, availing yourself of tearing them apart, for they are your brothers-in faith or your equals in creation. So grant them the same degree of pardon and forgiveness that you hope Allah will grant you, for, you are above them, and he who appointed you is above you and Allah is above him who gave you this position”. ~ Imam Ali


Allah(s.w.t) tells us in the Holy Quran that only those who remain patient will receive reward without measure. Imam Hussain’s patience wasnt out of weakness or helplessness but a demonstration of his steadfastness and bravery. Those who saw Imam Hussein a.s. on the Day of Ashura (10th day of Muharram) reported:  “We have never seen a man remaining as composed as Imam Hussein a.s. whereas his relatives and children were slaughtered before his eyes.”

True Love:

After understanding Karbala, one can understand the true meaning of love: mercy, compassion and trust.  Love is God.  Real love is an energy that transcends us from this world to beyond. It is the gift of God.  It is an energy that is released by the divine essence of compassion, mercy,  and justice.  Through Karbala, and other struggles bestowed on the preceding Prophet’s (families and companions), love is demonstrated in PURE  form.  Simply put, this love can not be explained in words, it can only be felt.

FAMILY- a Microcosm of the World.

1 Dec

Although many might complain that their household is no different then an insane asylum, having a “conflicted” household could present a perfect opportunity in achieving conflict resolution; the sort of resolution that could be applied to the “bigger picture”. Family provides the perfect stage to deal with differences, change, and conflict.  In essence, the household is a microcosm of nations at large.

Society is notorious for  disagreements, struggle for power, ignorance and competition of resources (such as wealth and status).   For ages, theorists such as Thomas Hobbes and Karl Marx have examined the theory behind conflict.  If we peel through the layers to discover the root-creation, look no further then the family dinner table.

Common issues regarding the family & world-  stem from power, resource availability, and ignorance:

Regarding power– the ego has defined status to each member of the family.  How often do we hear the following, “Since I’m older, I deserve more respect” OR  “Since I’m younger, the elders should be more responsible”? The ego has created a false sense of power that impedes communication,  making it more difficult to come to a consensus.  The symptoms of status-  immense vanity,  arrogance, self-pity, and anger. The emotions that result from a certain degree of status/ego can result in clouded reason.

Regarding resource availability- how much money, ownership, and land is often used to  define the stability of an individual.  If one lacks financial stability, they often develop some degree of  dependency on other(s).  Though dependency can help facilitate trust in a family; being overly dependent can bare burden to the providers.  At a certain degree, conflict of interests develop between parties.

Regarding Ignorance- family often mistaken the term similarity for unity.  A family unit must be unite, however, each individual is  different.  Each individual is defined by his/her own experience.  Each individual is diverse from one another.  Thus, the family must unite each others differences by understanding and respecting the diversity within the unit.

Solutions are a result of:

1. Establishing better communication- there is no one method; but the key to provide chance and availability.

2. Developing empathy and understanding

3. Being motivated to progress forward.

4.  Reaching an agreement, or agreeing to disagree…. Maintaining “peace”.