The Story About Abu’s Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce.

25 Nov

Heading back to the homestead for Thanksgiving, I definitely look forward to our very own Live Thanksgiving Musical... Every Thanksgiving the Bukhari household is filled with shear madness.  The morning alarm consists of a loud vacuum cleaner, and  clinging of silverware, pots & pans.  Mid-day, as the madness simmers down, five minutes is dedicated to SILENCE… On the sixth minute, the door-bell begins to ring, and the madness restarts with pots & pans taking the lead in our Thanksgiving musical.  Within all of this madness, we must remind ourselves to be thankful for the many blessings we share, one being, abu’s (father’s) special cranberry sauce…

(**Although, really, every moment should be dedicated to gratitude.  Hallmark’s intention for November 25th might have been geared more towards an appreciation for the one dinner Pilgrims and Native American’s shared and the pin-up Turkey.  Maybe? )

The Background on Abu’s Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce:

Abu creates a special cranberry sauce every year. Jubilantly, he attends to his Thanksgiving mission.  He embraces the 20 minutes amidst the frenzy to tranquilly stir his sauce.  The end result,  is a rich combination of sweet, spicy and sour.  Completing his masterpiece he tests and shares the sauce.  My first taste of this sauce puts me in a euphoric state.  Closing my eyes, I focus on the sweet, spicy, and sour ingredients.

Abu presents God’s gift of life in such an aesthetically pleasing manner.  This delightful dish, makes everything in Thanksgiving taste good.  It ties the turkey, bread, and mash-potatoes together; and yet, it combines conflicting components-  and that’s what makes life beautiful; you can’t appreciate the sweet without the sour; and you can’t appreciate the sour without the sweet.  C’est la vie!

This Thanksgiving, have yourself some of Abu’s Cranberry Sauce:

1. Brown onions (healthy choice: use canolla or olive oil).

2. Mix in garlic and ginger, with a little bit of Red Chili/Cumin spice.

3.  Add in Crushed or Churned Cranberries.  Instead of crushing fresh cranberries, do yourself a favor and purchase canned cranberry sauce.

4. Peacefully stir


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