Why You Should Play Soccer- Or Any Other Sport That Requires Sweating and Getting “Dirty”?

15 Nov

Have you ever felt “used”? Ever experience abuse (emotional or physical)? Ever experience a heartbreak?  How about negativity and competition at work? Ever been the victim of someone else’s gossip?

Want to find  something to help you deal with it?

Aside from good prayers, I say, get your self out on the field.

The beauty of playing soccer (or any other sport) is AMBITION.  The thrill of running in the name of your team (family, friends, yourself) to score a goal, fuels your ambition to never give up…

Foot-sweeped, you hit the ground. Without a second thought you get back up and continue to play.  Team members pat your back as you signal  “your ok”.  As others charge for the ball, you experience the shooting pain of a collision between feet; yet, your body continues to play. A 6’3″ man kicks the ball to your right eye; flash of light and burning cheeks; you continue to play.  As you kick, block, and run, your body dances to the rhythm of success.  As you lose breath, your left and right field team members carry the torch. You might not score the goal, but your body and mind becomes at one with it.  Your body and mind wins because you learned never to give up.  In the end, everyone shakes each other’s hands and chants good game…  And it was a good game because you all transformed stronger than when you started.

You see, the beauty of the game is that it teaches us: life is filled with hurdles and pain, yet, you are racing forward to reach your  “goal”. Your team (God, and/or family & friends) and the other team (all others) will be there from start to finish to either cheer you on or challenge you… The goal is to never give up…. The reward, you become stronger, nimble and alert.


One Response to “Why You Should Play Soccer- Or Any Other Sport That Requires Sweating and Getting “Dirty”?”

  1. fatimagshahzad November 15, 2010 at 5:42 am #

    love 🙂

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