Isn’t the Goal to Achieve Gender Equality?

12 Nov
Regarding the BBC article below, this is just a prime example of – having the means to work towards a solution, but subjecting to paranoia and excluding major components based off of fear and insecurities.
Iran and Saudia Arabia, like all other countries, has been guilty of mistreating their women.  However, does this mean the UN should exclude both countries from partaking in the UN Gender Agency?  Isn’t the goal of the United Nations  to unite nations and provide a means of communication and resolution?  By discussing gender issues and human rights, it is even more significant to include nations and countries in need of improvement.  Debates and discussions will highlight where the root issue are.  If there’s a fear of wasting time, then maybe, people should pay a little more attention and read in between the lines.
Humanity is a big family.  Our goal is to reach out to one another and try to understand.  By understanding one another, we can find a better way to get along better… Getting along better pays off when there is a greater crisis in hand.

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