The Potential of Women ~Girl Effect~

4 Nov

Although God created man and woman equally; we are different but equal in potential.  All around the world, next door, in the next room, people suffer of the presumption that women have less capability then men.

Man and woman are equally valuable.  However, let me take time to identify the beauty and potential of women:

  • We carry the next generation.  With great struggle and patience,  give birth to the future.
  • We are natural nurturers.  God created us as emotional beings.  We emulate expression and comfort.
  • As women, we can bring color to a black and white situation.  Some refer to it as being irrational; while others would call it thinking outside the box.
  • Not just cradling new-borns; when in need, we comfortably cradle and embrace the ones we care for.

Looking at this list; one can’t help but realize, that this natural skill-set can qualify one to lead humanitarian missions.

I know many women, who have taken leadership roles in the developing regions and states.  All of them lead with a mixture of stead-fastness and a touch of motherly love.  Each woman provides confidence and creativity to a crisis in need of hope.

I encourage everyone to read the following stories and book:

Half the Sky


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